10 Reasons Why Helios Hoist™ is Turning Heads

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Helios HoistBig venues shouldn’t own the market on big innovation. That’s the thinking behind Helios Hoist from J.R. Clancy. It’s the company’s newest addition to its full family of automated rigging solutions.

Helios is the amazingly capable, yet compact, engineering breakthrough for smaller venues where space is at a premium. It is also our most cost-effective, feature-packed hoist yet, says Patrick Finn, Performing Arts Product Manager, Wenger Corporation.

“Today, small venues need to have multi-purpose abilities. Helios Hoist gives those venues flexibility and convenience.” Helios is ideal for light-to-medium duty electric and shell sets, light-duty drapery and scenery sets, and front-of-house electrics.

Let the List Begin

Here’s what you need to know about Helios. Or, if you’re short on time, watch this overview video.

  1. Economical, automated hoist – ideal for smaller venues and educational facilities.
  2. Compact – tight design offers set spacing as close as 8-inches center-to-center (offset).
  3. Easy Install – small footprint and lighter weight streamline installation.
  4. Easy Servicing – quick-access panels and diagnostic lights simplify inspections and servicing.
  5. Options – four standard models available; two voltage options: 208V and 480V; fixed (20 feet per minute) and variable speed (up to 180 feet per minute).
  6. Safety features: slack line detection and load-sensing capabilities.
  7. Powerful – up to 60 feet of travel with seven lift lines; up to 2,000 pounds of capacity.
  8. Compatible with J.R. Clancy’s SceneControl® line of motion control systems (hand-held and desktop platforms).
  9. Flexible – multiple mounting options for use in almost any situation; compact drum allows for hoist-mounting on a single beam; both vertical and horizontal mounting options; optional backbone with position-anywhere lift lines that don’t impose horizontal forces on building steel.
  10. Trusted – J.R. Clancy has partnered on rigging systems for thousands of venues worldwide since 1885.

Not Sure Which Hoist You Need?

No worries. J.R. Clancy offers a full range of hoists to meet your creative, technical and budget requirements.

“As a standard hoist, Helios complements our existing PowerLift® and Titan® hoists perfectly, providing several solutions to cater to any theatre’s needs,” Finn adds. The company also provides custom hoist capabilities.

Leverage Full Breadth of Solutions from Wenger | J.R. Clancy

Wenger Corporation’s experts and products can help venues of any shape and size, new or older, with innovative, high-quality products and solutions for music and theatre education, performing arts, and athletic programs. For more information visit Wenger Corporation.

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