3 Reasons to Visit Wenger & J.R. Clancy @ USITT

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USITTStarting tomorrow, attendees at the USITT conference & stage expo in St. Louis have three compelling reasons to visit Wenger and J.R. Clancy: Unique Capabilities, New Product and Safety Program.

1) Unique Capabilities: Creativity of Engineering

In its USITT debut, Wenger and J.R. Clancy unveil their Creativity of Engineering branding campaign. This theme and messaging are carried throughout the booth with an emphasis on their key capabilities:

► Stage Engineering


► Acoustic Solutions

►Control Automation

► Audience Seating

►Custom Capabilities

Wenger and J.R. Clancy have been enhancing performances across the world for decades. Creativity of Engineering showcases how they leverage engineering skills in close collaboration with industry partners. The two companies have proven track records of developing innovative solutions for all types of performance spaces, enabling artists and back-of-house professionals to perform at their best while providing unforgettable experiences for audiences.

In 2016, Wenger and J.R. Clancy strengthened their momentum by acquiring the assets of SECOA. Wenger and J.R. Clancy continue to offer the most comprehensive integrated project solutions in the performing arts market.

2) Convenience & Safety: New Front-Loading Arbor

Shipping the summer of 2017, the new J.R. Clancy FrontLoader™ arbor is safer, easier and faster to use than traditional rod arbors. The FrontLoader offers ergonomic benefits, as the person loading the weights avoids awkward and potentially injurious bending and twisting. There is also no need to climb into the arbor well for loading. Since there are no arbor rods to reach around, the person loading also can hold bricks securely with both hands.

This arbor mounts to existing guide wall systems and its compact design holds more weight in less space, with sloped shelves and gates safely containing the counterweight bricks. The FrontLoader arbor makes it easier for theatre loading galleries to comply with building codes because gallery safety rails do not interfere with its use.

3) TIM®: Take Time for Safety

J.R. Clancy’s proprietary TIM® (Training, Inspection and Maintenance) program helps promote safe equipment operation and preserve product longevity, ensuring facilities are compliant with the latest ANSI standards. Even if issues cannot be heard or seen, that doesn’t mean problems are not hiding somewhere.

J.R. Clancy utilizes its ETCP-Certified inspectors to identify potentially unsafe equipment installations and backstage environments. Diagnosing problems early helps minimize repair costs and decreases the likelihood of expensive damages or serious injuries. As a proud supporter of USITT’s Rigging Safety Initiative, J.R. Clancy helps provide free stage rigging inspections and safety training for secondary schools across the U.S. The next application deadline is in April 2017.

Attending USITT?

Please stop by booth #1023 to learn more about these developments and other innovations Wenger and J.R. Clancy bring to the performing arts industry. If you can’t attend, learn more at our website.

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