A Letter To Our Friends in the Performing Arts Industry

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To our friends in the industry,

performing arts industryBecause we highly value our relationship with you, we want to ensure transparent communication between us. We are writing to reaffirm our commitment to serving you and your clients – not competing against you.

While Wenger Corporation continues to strengthen the Wenger and J.R. Clancy brands by further investing in our product and service portfolio, it has recently come to our attention that some partners are unclear about our objectives and role in serving the performing arts market. We want to be crystal clear: We are – and always will be – an integrating manufacturer offering high quality products, technical support, installation services and project management expertise

As an integrating manufacturer, or integrator, our team of product managers, salespeople, engineers and technical support work together to manufacture and install solutions that satisfy the requirements and specifications of our consultant and architectural partners. We do not offer input on the building’s design or any products or equipment other than those we offer or represent. This is true whether we are at the conference table with the project team or working behind the scenes.

Together Wenger and J.R. Clancy have over 200 years of experience and expertise, which we skillfully leverage to support a project’s success. We are not architects or consultants, however, we have robust relationships with these professionals who have helped build our proud legacy as we’ve outfitted thousands of facilities worldwide.

We will never do anything to circumvent or compromise your critical role. In fact, we always advocate with facility owners for the value and expertise a consultant and architectural partner provide. Consultants and architects are responsible for creating the design and form of a performance space. As your integrator partner, Wenger and J.R. Clancy collaborate to supply the best products and customized solutions to support each project’s design objectives.

Please contact me or your Wenger/J.R. Clancy representative with any questions. We look forward to moving ahead with a continued spirit of mutual understanding and support, and we thank you for the confidence you have shown in us.



Mike Murphy

General Manager of Performing Arts – Wenger Corporation

President – J.R. Clancy


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