COVID-19: Connecting People Through the Power of Performing Arts

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It’s no secret that we’re living in scary and uncertain times. That said, at Wenger Corporation, we’ve also never been prouder to be part of the performing arts community.

COVID-19 has been turning the world upside down. But, from coast to coast and around the globe, we’ve also been seeing moving examples of people finding comfort and togetherness through performing arts. These displays have come from professional artists and everyday citizens alike, and they’ve all taken place despite quarantines and social distancing measures.

In Italy, quarantined musicians and residents are keeping their spirits high by filling the empty streets with the moving sounds of operas, instrumental performances, and group sing-alongs. And, as large gatherings around the world are cancelled, some professional musicians are taking another route.  They are opting to play in empty concert halls, bringing the performance to listeners via livestream. The result? An opportunity for all of us to share a poignant experience together, even during the pandemic.

To enjoy the healing power of the performing arts by becoming part of the online audience, visit the live streaming concert series schedule from WKAR. This page also features archived performances for events that have already taken place.



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