Harry & John: Inventive Minds Combine

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Harry Wenger and John Clancy – both passionate visionaries who founded companies that still bear their names. In the 1940s, Harry Wenger was a band director who invented products that helped educate music students and the next generation of performers. Harry believed in maximizing the enjoyment of music with innovative equipment.
In the 1880s, John Clancy was a stagehand who began designing and building stage-rigging equipment, inspired by a lack of suitable alternatives. John believed leading-edge theatrical productions should not constrained by inadequate or unsafe equipment.
Harry’s and John’s legacies, including their hands-on understanding of their customers, continue to guide our companies today. Our founders saw unmet needs in the marketplace and developed solutions that improved the enjoyment and safety of performers, technical staff and audiences.
Acquired by Wenger Corporation in 2011, J.R. Clancy is a wholly owned subsidiary operating in Syracuse, New York. Our two companies share a long history of collaboration and a common passion for market-leading innovation, safety and customer service.
Our partnership and passion will be on display in Your Performance Partners, a new website for the performing arts industry: your new destination for info, resources, tips, how-to’s and knowledge about the performing arts. We’ll also have fun sharing the excitement that makes the performing arts a job…a career…and a life like no other.
The passion that keeps you engaged and excited about your work is the same passion that brought Harry’s and John’s companies together. Share our passion – we share yours!

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