Top Safety Features? Even High-Performance Hoists Need Them

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Titan HoistIn designing our new high-capacity hoist, the design team at J. R. Clancy focused on speed, increased travel … and the top safety features required to meet the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 79: Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery, and ANSI E1.6-1 – 2012 – Entertainment Technology – Powered Hoist Systems

We started with the benefits our customers want: Titan® High-Performance Hoist provides a reliable head block for long, trouble-free life, and a zero-fleet angle that allows venues to install this compact, efficient hoist in just about any setting. Depending on the capacity and speed you choose for your custom-built Titan® hoist, it can travel at speeds up to 725 feet per minute, with a capacity of up to 3,300 pounds. You can even choose up to 10 lift lines with 90 feet of travel.

All this … and safety, too

Safety considerations make the design of a new hoist more challenging, but we know that venues will use our Titan® hoist for electrics, shell ceilings, or the heavy scenery typical of grand opera—in short, for hanging large loads over people’s heads. That’s why we built in safety features that provide checks and balances, making certain that actors, singers, musicians and crew members can work worry-free beneath these loads.

Here’s what we felt our Titan® hoist needed:

• Dual brakes, including a primary “fail-safe” brake at the motor and a secondary brake for added safety
• Separate, redundant circuits for the travel and overtravel switches
• Ramped stops to reduce mechanical shock loads
• Hold-to-run controls to ensure that an operator must be present while the hoist is in motion
• Touch-safe interior of all the electrical enclosures to guard against electric shock

Check it out at LDI

If you’re going to LDI, you can see the TITAN™ hoist for yourself in booth #2737, and we’ll be happy to point out all the features for you. You can also see two of the most advanced SceneControl controllers in the J. R. Clancy line: the SceneControl® 5300 and SceneControl® 5600 rigging controllers. Learn about all of the features—including 3D imaging—during our demonstrations at LDI.

Need free passes to the LDI show? Let us know—we have plenty to go around!

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