Introducing Vantis™: It’s All About Control

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Well, this week would have been bustling with excitement at the LDI 2020 Expo in Las Vegas.  Attendees would have been introduced to new innovations and would be taking time to catch-up with friends in the industry.  Like you, we are going to miss seeing everyone and making those face-to-face connections this year.

In this blog, we want to provide you with information we would have shared during LDI about the newest innovation from Wenger Corporation: J.R. Clancy Vantis™ Pendant Controller. Vantis gives you complete control of the movement and position of your scenery sets, drapery and other overhead hoists.

“This is part of our new generation of rigging controllers,” says Patrick Finn, Product Manager for Wenger Corporation. “Vantis is the ultimate in flexibility, mobility and safety for theatres and performing arts centers everywhere.”

Taking Control with Vantis

With Vantis, you can stand on stage while moving all of the elements you need to create the perfect performance, whether it’s moving into a pre-set position or during a production. That’s because it comes with a 30-foot cord and multiple connection points, enabling you to move around the stage freely while controlling up to eight machines – and you can program each of those machines with up to six targets, including upper, lower and four intermediate targets.

Vantis also comes with an ergonomic and ambidextrous design, which provides maximum comfort and ease of control, making it a pleasure to use. Plus, its intuitive 3.5-inch color touchscreen offers real-time feedback on hoists or other machine types.

Key Product Features:

  • Controls up to eight machines
  • Includes up to six targets per machine; four are user recordable
  • Multiple pin logins for multiple users and permissions
  • Offers variable speed control of a single machine
  • Easy to use and intuitive operation
  • Ergonomic and ambidextrous design for both right- and left-handed operators
  • Ensures safe and easy operation of travelers and overhead hoists
  • Does not require commissioning

And, like all J.R. Clancy products, Vantis comes with numerous built-in safety features.

A New Generation of Rigging Controllers

The Vantis safety system starts with emergency stop and load-sensing capabilities that ensure protection for your people and equipment on the stage below. Vantis also has automatic alarm notifications if it detects errors or faults, and password/PIN protections ensure that only authorized users have access and recording capabilities.

Finally, the illuminated hold to run GO button prevents users from initiating motion and walking away from the ability to react in case of an emergency.

“Vantis makes moving hoists, scenery and drapery easier and safer than ever, and adds another innovation to the suite of J.R. Clancy motion controllers,” Finn said.

Learn more about the Vantis Pendant Controller and innovations and solutions we would have presented during LDI by visiting our  Wenger | J.R. Clancy LDI page.

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