Wenger’s Virtual Acoustic Environment (VAE®) technology uses highly advanced active virtual acoustics to simulate different acoustic environments, all within the same rehearsal room or small performance space, at the touch of a button. Practicing in the dry environment of your rehearsal space can be limiting—and easing the transition from rehearsal to performance allows performers to focus more on the skills and habits they’ve developed in rehearsal and less on the unfamiliar performance space. We can even customize one of the nine presets to simulate another acoustic environment.

VAE technology in a Wenger SoundLok® Sound-Isolation Practice Room creates the sensation of being enveloped by the sound. This enables musicians to hear themselves in various performance venues by providing more realistic acoustical simulations.

The Wenger Advantage

  • Practice Where You Perform – Musicians refine their skills more efficiently in the rehearsal room when they can realistically hear what they will sound like in the actual performance space.
  • Nine Performance Environments – The musician can practice in a broad range of performance environments, ranging from a small recital hall to a cathedral.
  • One Custom Setting – Wenger can add your own custom acoustical setting to simulate your auditorium or a performance venue.
  • Record/Playback Capability – Record your practice session and get immediate feedback during your session. Or record your session and take it to your next lesson for review.
  • Upload Capability – Upload accompaniments to practice with the rest of the group while in your practice session.
I can change the environment at the touch of a button. I appreciate having the flexibility to choose from a variety of settings, including custom acoustics that emulate our auditorium.   Mark Gitch
Director of Orchestras