Product Overview

The Wenger Lieto™ is the first LED light fixture specifically designed for use in full-stage acoustical shells. The three-axis beam positioning and built-in knob provide tool-free pan, tilt and rotation. With a 12,000-lumen output, less Lieto light fixtures can be incorporated into an acoustical shell ceiling design without compromising light levels.

The Lieto fixture design utilizes lightweight aluminum and a “snag-free” curved ABS design for acoustical shell integration. The exceptionally shallow mechanical design fully encloses components and precludes interaction with people or nearby stage equipment to enhance safety.  The fixture includes a powder-coat steel bezel that complements the aesthetics of your acoustical shell. Lieto is now available for order with Diva® and Maestro® shells.

The Wenger Advantage

  • Bright– Higher Output with 12,000 lumens means fewer fixtures to illuminate your stage
  • Silent – No cooling fans, no buzzing and no detectable RFI
  • Comfortable – LED technology means no UV and minimal heat
  • Saves Energy – Energy efficient and wattage is firmware selectable
  • Easy Adjustment – Three-axis beam positioning and built-in knob provide tool-free pan, tilt and rotation
  • Pleasing – Beautiful and even light with your choice of beamspread, color temperature, and glare control options
LDI Award

LDI2018 Best Debuting Product: Staging And Rigging

  • Designed for Diva and Maestro full-stage acoustical shell applications
  • High output CREE LED Engine – 12,000 Lumens produced @ 150 watt setting
  • Music venue quiet with no buzzing or detectable RFI with no cooling fans
  • Musician comfortable – No UV and minimal heat produced
  • Choice of beamspread options – 18, 28, 36 and 70 degree
  • Choice of Color Temperature Options – 2700K, 3000k and 4000K
  • Choice of glare control options
  • Three-axis beam positioning provided – pan, tilt and rotate with adjustment scale.
  • 1% DMX512 dimming, without visible stepping, flash or flicker
  • RDM remote fixture address and status reporting with USB download or performance and usage data
  • Each fixture individually addressable and controllable
  • Compatible with DMX512 controlled UL924 emergency lighting solutions
  • Shallow ABS housing is compact, lightweight and sang free
  • No tools needed for adjustments
  • Energy efficient and LEED Certification friendly – wattage is firmware selectable
  • Long life and low maintenance – L70 > 70,000 Hours – One oversized LED driver used
  • MVOLT – Compatible with 100 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz electric service
  • Five-year limited warranty
  • Patent pending
  • Includes safety cable lanyard and configuration tablet/firmware/USB cable
  • ETL and CE listed an labled
  • RohS compliant and IP20 rated


  • Homogenizing Lens – 30% Lumen Reduction
  • Hexcel Louvre – 17% Lumen Reduction
  • Concentric Ring Louvre – 11% Lumen Reduction

lieto accessories


Optical Performance:

Lieto IES format photometric files are derived from true goniometric testing. Tests were performed by an independent laboratory. Wenger Corporation can assist with photometric calculations. We use and recommend Lighting Analysts AGI software.


Numerous variables impact optical performance.

Lieto’s estimated output @ 150W setting and 3000k white light color temperature is 12,000 lumens. Lieto is an MVOLT product. Supply voltage between 100 & 240 VAC @ 50 or 60 will not impact optical output.