Oversized Acoustical Doors

J.R. Clancy developed and patented the first automatic self-closing fire curtains in 1904, and today, we work with Clark Door, the leading specialist in acoustic and fire door design and manufacturing to protect your theatre. Their engineers and acoustical experts have created an acoustical door that provides superior sound isolation. Together we offer a wide range of acoustical door types and sound attenuations to meet individual space requirements. Horizontal sliding, vertical sliding and special purpose designs for low headroom are all available to meet any facility’s acoustical or fire door requirements. The acoustical doors are designed for internal and external use in television studios, radio broadcasting studios, theatres, opera houses, media, cultural arts centers and industrial applications.

The Wenger Advantage

  • Unmatched Capabilities – Custom built to the highest standards, Clark Door provides high attenuation acoustic (fire-rated for up to two hours) door solutions. Clark sliding doors do not require a floor track and are ideally suited for high use applications.
  • Custom Designed and Built – A wide range of door types and sound, including horizontal sliding, vertical sliding and special-purpose designs for low headroom, are all available
  • Safety and Performance – These large acoustic doors feature good on-site acoustic performance while compensating for normal construction tolerances with minimal wear. Overriding electronic position control with safety edge reverse are incorporated in our control options.
  • Doors for Unusual Applications – Doors for unusual applications are specialty, single, double, multi-leaf designs, are offered with special features such as pedestrian pass doors.


For theatres, opera houses, media, cultural arts centers, broadcast studios and requiring fire rated, noise cancelling door designs.

  • Available in sizes up to 65’x 65’ (19.8 m x 19.8 m)
  • Attenuation up to Rw 70dB
  • Sliding, horizontal, vertical, single leaf, double leaf, triple leaf, telescopic leaf, bi parting horizontal slide, fire rate, special purpose
  • No floor track
  • Fire rating up to two hours
  • Finishes include Plastisol paint colors, wood veneers, cladding. Contact us about your requirements.
  • Controls: Hold to Run Push Button
  • Safety features:
    • Overriding electronic position control
    • Safety edge reverse stop
    • Vertical doors 100% counterbalanced

Acoustic Door Specifics

Door Type Maximum
Maximum Fire
Single Horizontal Sliding 60dB (Rw) 120 minutes
Double Horizontal Sliding 53dB (Rw) 120 minutes
Single Vertical Sliding 56dB (Rw) 120 minutes
Double Vertical Sliding 53dB (Rw) 120 minutes
Triple Vertical Sliding 50dB (Rw) 60 minutes
Tandem Doorsets 70dB (Rw) 120 minutes


Ordering Information

Many sizes and options available.

Please call your Wenger representative for consultation.