Control Systems

When you’re looking for the best stage rigging control systems for your performance space, choose J.R. Clancy. With so many models available it’s easy to find one that meets your technical, artistic and budgetary needs.

  • SceneControl 5600

    SceneControl® 5600

    Our reimagined software sets the SceneControl family apart. There’s no limit to the number of shows you can program, the number of cues per show, or even the complexity of the cues. Multi-level cueing, grouping and control of an unlimited number of axes per cue make this console the perfect partner for venues that present major touring productions or a wide repertoire in a single season.

  • SceneControl® 5500

    When you need motion control for a wide range of performances – from Broadway-style productions to complex music and dance concerts – the 5500 console turns your venue into a flexible, multipurpose performance space.

  • SceneControl 5300

    SceneControl® 5300

    Create exciting scene changes and dramatic visual affects with the SceneControl® 5300 console, a compact, feature-packed motion controller with capabilities that will delight audiences. The mid-level controller in the SceneControl® 5000 family, the SceneControl® 5300 console can control stage machinery, automated rigging, turntables, wagons, and more in a venue of any size.

  • SceneControl 5200p and 5200

    SceneControl® 5200 & 5200p

    The SceneControl® 5200 console can serve as a main controller for small to mid-sized productions like musicals, dance concerts and music performers, and as a secondary controller for larger productions. It networks easily with other SceneControl® consoles, allowing operators to create a system that controls more than 24 axes by adding another controller for larger shows.

  • SceneControl 5100

    SceneControl® 5100

    When you need accurate, repeatable positioning for battens that raise and lower equipment or curtains, you need the SceneControl® 5100 controller. Set up to eight presets – soft upper, soft lower, and six intermediate targets – and run your motorized hoist with the knowledge that it will always return to the right place.

  • Push Button Controls

    Push Button Controls

    Designed for simplicity and safety, this cost-effective controller gives you the reliability you need for control of a single or several motorized hoists.