Vantis™ Pendant Controller

The Vantis Pendant Controller lets you control position and movement of scenery sets, drapery and other overhead hoists while standing right on stage. The color touchscreen is easy to navigate and provides real-time feedback on hoist or other machine types. Programming targets, configuring load sensing and adjusting speed is incredibly simple. It’s safe to operate with password protection and an illuminated hold-to-run “Go” button. Plus, the ergonomic and ambidextrous design provide maximum comfort and ease of control.

The J.R. Clancy Advantage

  • Up to eight machines
  • Variable speed control of a single machine
  • Up to six targets per machine; four user recordable
  • Safe and easy operation of travelers and overhead hoists
  • Ease of use/interface
  • Recordable targets
  • Permissions are tailored to each user via pin login
  • No commissioning required

Important Safety Features

  • Emergency stop
  • Password protection to allow access and recording capabilities only to authorized users
  • Load sensing capability
  • Automatic alarms if an error or fault is detected
  • Illuminated GO button
  • Hold-to-run function requires the operator to be at the controller when scenery is moving

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