When it comes to stage automation, one hoist does not fit all needs. When you choose J.R. Clancy, you can select from several families of stage rigging hoists to meet your creative, technical and budgetary requirements. Custom rigging hoists can also be developed for unique solutions.

  • PowerLift®

    This economical, high-performance, automated hoisting system is available in fixed or variable speeds. PowerLift’s versatile mounting system enables it to be installed in virtually any performance space.

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    The Titan is a high-performance hoist for applications requiring large capacity, speed and/or long travel. Titan is a customizable pre-engineered hoist. It is engineered and manufactured to your requirements yet provides the economic benefits of an “off-the-shelf” system.


    The Varion™ gives you the flexibility you need in your theatre at a budget-friendly price point. And with batten lengths up to 45 feet (13.7 m) and as much as 50 feet (15.2 m) of travel, this zero-fleet stage rigging hoist delivers a gross lifting capacity of 1,500 lbs (680 kg).

  • PowerLine®

    The PowerLine is a line shaft hoist, re-engineered to reduce size, weight and cost. With a wide range of speeds and capacities the PowerLine hoist is a versatile performer and an excellent choice for retrofit applications.

  • PowerAssist®

    Convert your manual rigging sets to an automated system simply and economically with PowerAssist. You’ll no longer need to load and adjust the counterbalancing weights, and the motor handles the out-of-balance load for you.

  • Performer

    J.R. Clancy offers it’s first-ever performer-flying hoist with its SceneControl® 5000 series of rigging controllers, giving you the opportunity to purchase both the hoist and the controller from J.R. Clancy. The Performer™ Aerial Performance Hoist provides the kind of safety features on which J.R. Clancy built its reputation, reducing risk to the performer and the venue.

  • Scoreboard


    J.R. Clancy has played a key role in designing and implementing some of the largest event equipment systems both domestically and internationally. From high school gymnasiums to the world’s largest arenas, the customizable Scoreboard Hoist is manufactured to accommodate your facility’s unique requirements.

  • Custom Hoists

    Our custom hoists are available in almost any speed and capacity to meet your specific requirements. Tell us about your requirements and we’ll work with you to develop the hoist you need.