J.R. Clancy Impacting Community at LDI 2016

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image2Before attending the LDI 2016 show last week in Las Vegas, our sales team visited an area high school at the request of the school’s technical director in the theatre department. This visit drove home for us – again – the importance of rigging inspections.

The technical director believed there were some issues with the rigging system in this high school’s auditorium, but she was having trouble convincing the administration to pay for an inspection. Since our own crew included an ETCP-certified rigger in town for LDI, we offered to visit and perform a brief, free assessment – not a full inspection – that would identify any immediate safety concerns.

While on site, we found that one of the line sets was unsafe and locked it out to ensure that it would not damage the building or injure anyone. We also provided the technical director with the ANSI requirements for rigging equipment inspections, to help convince the administration of the need to have the equipment inspected.

Wonder if your own rigging needs repairs or an inspection? See our article on 6 Ways to Tell If Your Rigging Needs Repairs.

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