The Future of Stage Movement: As Easy as X, Y and Z

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tarzan-broadway-review_RTWhat if you could control all of the movement onstage from one spot, even for the most complicated productions?

Whether you’re planning a revival of Tarzan: The Stage Musical or bringing in a bus-and-truck tour of Phantom of the Opera, you know that today’s theatrical productions are more complicated than ever before. You have to coordinate set pieces moving up and down, scenery on turntables, wagons full of scenery and actors, and performers flying through the air. Wouldn’t it be great if all of those things could be controlled by one operator at one console, instead of coordinating all of that movement with a big crew?

Now you can. This week in Las Vegas at the LDI show, you will have the opportunity to see J. R. Clancy’s newest additions to its SceneControl® 5000 rigging control console series. Now there’s a SceneControl® console for venues of every size, from the biggest opera houses and performing arts centers to high schools and churches.

The SceneControl® consoles control all stage machinery—turntables, wagons, chain motors, and hoists—from one operator console. With SceneControl® consoles, theatres can have the right capabilities for Broadway and Las Vegas-style shows, music concerts, dance performances, and many other kinds of productions.

3D Programming. One of the most exciting developments 3D programming, making it possible to fly performers or scenery on X, Y, and Z axes. You can add effects like wave or circular patterns to a performer’s movement onstage using the SceneControl® 5600 and 5500 consoles.



To accompany this new capability, J.R. Clancy introduced it Performer™ Series Aerial Performance Hoist System earlier this year. Now you can choose a hoist and controller from the same manufacturer, with safety features including underload /overload detection, safety monitoring and fault response, and redundant brakes and encoders. Combine the Performer™ hoist and the SceneControl® 5500 or 5600 consoles for state-of-the-art performer flying capabilities.

Consoles for schools, colleges, and churches. For venues that feature less elaborate productions, the SceneControl® 5300 console is a compact, mid-level operator console with the same easy to use interface and unlimited cue writing capability. The newest addition to the line, the SceneControl® 5200 console, features unlimited cues and control of up to 24 axes, all in a console small enough for venues with confined backstage space.

Scalable investment. If your venue’s needs change, the SceneControl system can scale up as required, using the series’ across-the-board, flexible, fully compat

ible control system architecture. Upgrading or adding more consoles becomes plug-and-play.

J. R. Clancy will demonstrate its SceneControl® 5600 and 5500 consoles in booth 835 at LDI, November 22-24. The Performer™ hoist system also will be available at the LDI show. Stop by and see what’s up—and down, and sideways!

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