So Many Control Systems—Which to Choose?

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controllerMaking the move to automated rigging can be intimidating for managers of any performance space. When it’s time to replace the familiar system of ropes and weights with motorized hoists and a computer controller, the facility’s leaders must make some complex decisions. For example, which controller is right for the hall’s size and capabilities?

The family of SceneControl® 5000 controllers now has a console for performance spaces of every size, from the most complex performing arts center, sporting complex or Broadway show to the high school, church and college stage. If you’re attending USITT in Salt Lake City March 16-19, you can see a selection of controllers and talk to a J. R. Clancy representative about your hall’s specific needs.

Simple, intuitive automation

The SceneControl® 5100 pendant is a handheld device for raising and lowering curtains and equipment. Users can set up to eight presets per batten and know that the hoists always will return to the correct position. If you need to raise and lower electrics, teasers, the house curtain, and other soft goods that always trim at the same level, this controller will do the job.

For high schools, colleges, and small theatres, the SceneControl® 5200 controller provides programming capability for an unlimited number of cues on 24 axes. It has the ability to control other stage machinery like turntables, wagons, and even chain hoists, yet it’s small enough for venues with confined backstage.

“The SceneControl® 5200 console brings theatres the right capabilities for Broadway-style shows, music concerts, dance performances, and many other kinds of productions,” said Patrick Finn, J. R. Clancy product manager. “Venues using the SceneControl® 5200 console enjoy greater flexibility, expanding their ability to incorporate different kinds of equipment for exciting effects.”

If you’re concerned about investing in a system that your venue may outgrow one day, the SceneControl® family has one fully compatible control system architecture. All of the SceneControl consoles communicate seamlessly with one another, so upgrading becomes plug-and-play.

When bigger is better

For venues that create exciting scene changes and dramatic visual effects, the SceneControl® 5300 is a compact, mid-level operator console that can serve as the main operator interface as well as a localized backstage console. This console can control turntables, wagons, and other stage machinery as well as motorized hoists, and the 15.6-inch touch screen provides an intuitive, easy to use interface.

When you host touring Broadway shows, complex music and dance concerts, and other large-scale productions, SceneControl® 5500 provides a 10.1-inch master helm touch screen and 24-inch monitor screen, which allow the operator to use a 3D wireframe view to see all the equipment in motion. This controller also features 3D programming capability for exciting performer flying effects. This console also has redundant processing, giving venues confidence that the show will go on even in the event of a hardware failure

Finally, the top-of-the-line SceneControl® 5600 is the perfect fit for the world’s largest performing arts centers, with dual 24-inch 1920 x 1080 screens, redundant parallel processing, and a 15.6-inch helm capacitive touch screen on the desktop. The 3D wireframe views allow the operator to see exactly what is going on at every level, and 3D programming makes it possible to fly performers or scenery on X, Y and Z axes, adding effects like wave or circular patterns to a performer’s movement onstage.

When you’re ready to choose the right system for your needs, it’s time to talk with an expert. Stop by booth 1127 at USITT to chat with one of our representatives, or give us a call at (800) 836-1885. We’ll help you make the best choice for your theatre and your production values.

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