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Special EventsWould you choose an intense job? Or a job in tents?  How about both? Special events pros operate under deadlines and budget constraints, blending creativity with temporary architecture like tents, tent floors and staging. This week’s convention in Orlando celebrates innovation in a dynamic industry on the rebound. Without such industry expertise, think how boring and nondescript many events would be!

Chris Davenport understands this. As Operations Manager with TentLogix in Stuart, Florida, he helps their clients plan memorable special events – including corporate and private parties, concerts and weddings – at a variety of venues including hotels, resorts, sporting events and country clubs. What keeps him working in this industry for over 20 years?

Creative Handiwork. “There’s a feeling of accomplishment – that you created something as part of a team,” notes Davenport. “You had a task to finish within a deadline. And now the event’s attendees will enjoy all your hard work.”

From initial planning to completed project, certain larger events may span months. Once the project is over, Davenport enjoys the satisfaction of knowing he helped create the end result with his own hands.

Premier Tradeshow. This “can-do” attitude is a common attribute of many people involved in different facets of the special events industry. More than 5,000 of these professionals are gathering this week for The Special Event 2016 (TSE). TSE bills itself as “the industry’s premier tradeshow and conference for event professionals.” TentLogix personnel will be there, learning from industry experts, walking the exhibit hall and also manning a booth.

Davenport considers the exposure from exhibiting as beneficial for TentLogix. “I believe you have to visible, in front of people, or you’ll be forgotten. Out of sight, out of mind.” From an education standpoint, TentLogix personnel also want to learn how to improve as a company and to see what’s new in industry. Notes Davenport, “Maybe there are new ideas we’re not currently practicing…things that can really set ourselves apart from our competitors.”

Flexible Platforms. One way TentLogix differentiates itself is through its creative use of STRATA® Tent Floor and Event Staging from Wenger, another TSE exhibitor. STRATA is designed to create a flat surface over seating or other uneven surfaces, including hills. TentLogix has utilized STRATA for more than a decade, according to Dennis Birdsall, TentLogix’s General Manager. Their inventory totals more than 40,000 square feet, with a variety of deck sizes.

“We use STRATA constantly for event staging at concerts, festivals and other performances when we have elevation differentials. It’s also our go-to product for elevated floors,” Birdsall explains, adding that STRATA is a real time-saver in the field. TentLogix uses STRATA to create mezzanines up to 20’ high, along with multiple-level seating. Recently, plans are underway for a 36’ x 42’ stage for a special guest artist performance at a private party.

Davenport appreciates STRATA’s versatility. “It’s a complex product that’s simple to use. We’re able to do so much with it, from pool covers to tent flooring at golf tournaments.”

 Exciting Industry. He looks forward to an exciting TSE show and believes the special event/rental industry is rebounding, with customers more willing to spend money. While most of TentLogix’s business is in the southeastern United States, they’ve traveled as far as California and New York. “It’s a great industry to be in,” Davenport concludes.

Architects design buildings; artists fashion monuments. Special events professionals help create memories that can last a lifetime. That’s worth celebrating!

[Photos courtesy of TentLogix.]

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