The USITT Reveal: Wenger and J.R. Clancy Introduce Two New Innovations for Performing Arts

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Helios Hoist

Big show. Big news. Wenger Corporation and J.R. Clancy proudly introduced two new performing arts innovations at USITT in Fort Lauderdale. Each product adds to our ever-growing spectrum of motion control and rigging solutions designed for flawless performance – yours and ours.

Stop by Booth #1825 through March 17 to talk with our product experts. Can’t make the show? No problem. Read on for product highlights.

Our New Debuts

  • NEW J.R. Clancy Helios Hoist

This addition to J.R. Clancy’s existing line of automated rigging solutions is ideal for venues requiring a compact, economical solution. It’s easy to install and provides structural support for buildings that can’t support lateral loads. Safety features include a slack line detection and load sensing capabilities. The patent-pending, compact drum design allows for mounting the hoist on a single beam.

The new SceneControl 12 offers a state-of-the-art ergonomic design and portability via a 12-inch screen. Its convenient size allows operators to move around the stage and still view the equipment they’re moving overhead. SceneControl 12 can control up to 36 axes and includes a joystick for adjustable speed control.

SceneControl 12

SceneControl® 12

“The key to this technology is the ability to customize the interface,” explains Patrick Finn, performing arts product manager with J.R. Clancy. “It enables multiple users to each have their own settings, allowing more or less access depending on the user’s level of experience.”

SceneControl 12 is the latest model in the line. SceneControl 10, 12, 15, 24, and 24+ now come with enhanced features, including:

  • An Advanced Emergency Stop System. E-stop does not require a human interaction to stop the hoists. E-stop comes with two data communication lines: if one fails, the hoist stops moving.
  • Load Sensing System. Includes a load learning system to identify the expected loads throughout the full travel of the set. If it exceeds the set capacity or hits something in its path, it will enter a fault state.
  • Management Capabilities. The user can program limits to the number of hoists being used based on available power. A dynamic interface reveals buttons that change colors based on status or location, or appear/disappear to help guide users through the system.
  • Multiple-User Logins. Each user can open a specific interface. Certain functions are disabled, hidden or changed based on the experience of the user and pre-programmed information.

Another First for USITT attendees

Launched less than four months ago, this is the first time USITT attendees are also introduced to our two new acoustical shells: Virtuoso and Maestro.

Virtuoso Acoustical Shell

The Virtuoso Acoustical Shell provides a great solution for facilities with limited storage space, a ceiling that can’t support a hanging structure, or a lack of resources to set up and remove a shell on stage.

Virtuoso creates a virtual experience with an active system of microphones, speakers and digital signal processors to transform the acoustics on stage. It envelops the musicians, enabling them to hear themselves and other members of the ensemble more clearly, which ultimately leads to better performances.

Wenger has partnered with HARMAN and Lexicon to incorporate the most advanced digital technology into the virtual shell. Virtuoso can either stand alone to improve the sound on stage, or be paired with Transcend® Active Acoustic System to create a full-venue solution for optimal acoustics, from the stage through the back of the house.

Maestro® Acoustical Shell

The Maestro Acoustical Shell delivers impressive full-stage acoustics, while creating live entertainment environments for performances at an affordable price. Maestro is packed with features, conveniences and performance aesthetics.

Maestro has been redesigned with construction and design improvements, providing a cost-effective solution for any performance space requiring an acoustical enhancement. It features mobile towers and rows of ceiling panels that form a full stage acoustic enclosure when placed together on stage. A separate wheeled mover easily lifts and moves the towers.

It can be easily configured to accommodate groups of varying sizes. Maestro’s counterweighted wall towers ensure stability and safety. And the design saves space, since the individual towers nest together when not in use.

The Maestro line comes in a variety of configurations, offering an economical solution to complement the highly customizable Diva® Full-Stage Acoustical Shell.

We hope to see you at USITT and show you how we are redefining performance! Learn more at

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