What did USITT 2018 attendees want to know?

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SceneControl Demonstrations

SceneControl 12 makes its debut

Here’s the recap from Fort Lauderdale
Hopefully, you got to sneak in some sun while attending USITT Stage Conference and Expo, held last week in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

For the Wenger | J.R. Clancy team, it was a shining opportunity for our experts to meet attendees and leading trade media to discuss our full breadth of performance solutions. It’s a list that keeps growing more robust! Show attendees agreed.

Here’s a recap of what people wanted to know and what they had to say.

“What new products do you have?”
We unveiled two new performing arts innovations at USITT:

Helios Hoist  is an addition to J.R. Clancy’s existing line of automated rigging solutions, and ideal for venues requiring a compact, economical solution. It’s easy to install, provides structural support for buildings that can’t support lateral loads, and offers new safety features. [Watch Helios technology in action here.]

SceneControl® 12 motion control system offers a state-of-the-art ergonomic design and compact portability via a 12-inch screen. It can control up to 36 axes and includes a joystick for adjustable speed control. Plus, it offers the ability to customize the interface; multiple users can each have their own settings.

This was also the first time we introduced USITT attendees to our two new acoustical shells:

Virtuoso Active Acoustical Shell creates a virtual experience with an active system of microphones, speakers and digital signal processors (no hard shell) to transform on-stage acoustics. It enables musicians to hear themselves and others more clearly, leading to better performances.

Maestro® Acoustical Shell (a hard shell) has been redesigned to deliver cost-effective, full-stage acoustics for any performance space requiring an acoustical enhancement. It features mobile towers and rows of ceiling panels that nest together when not in use.

JR Clancy USITT Booth

Wenger and J.R. Clancy at USITT

What was the biggest draw in the booth?
The hoists! This was the first time we showed three hoists at USITT – Helios, PowerLift® and Titan®. People liked seeing the full capabilities of our automated rigging first hand. There were lots of shocked faces when we described the lift capacity and speed of the Titan.

What did people want to know about the new Helios Hoist?
Helios definitely created some buzz. People wanted to know how it works, the full capabilities and economic price point.

How did people react to the new SceneControl 12?
The biggest feature everyone liked during the demos was the user-specific log-on, which not only tailors access, but also interface based on who is using the console. People also liked how well the new design fits in your arm and hand.

[NOTE:  During USITT, we provided live demonstrations of our SceneControl 12 and SceneControl 15.]

What else generated the most questions?

  • The differences between our new Maestro Full-Stage Acoustical Shell (an affordable, easy-set-up option) and Diva® Full-Stage Acoustical Shell (an elegant, “centerpiece” shell with many options to customize).
  • Wenger’s selection of quality fixed audience seating.
  • Our staging products, specifically, the versatility and customization options for StageTek.
  • Wenger and J.R. Clancy’s cohesive ability to do “bundled” bids.

Other Reactions and Ravings
Acoustical Shells:  “I took many people around the front and back of the Diva shell and our new Maestro shell. It was great having them side by side, so everyone could see our range, from the economical Maestro, to the high-end Diva.”

~ Mike Duba, Wenger Regional Sales Manager

Audience Seating:  “Customers were intrigued by the customization options for our line of seating and liked that we can use the same fabrics for both portable and fixed seating.”

~ Whitney Winkels, Wenger Marketing Communications Manager, Performing Arts

Product Depth:  “Most of the people I talked with liked our ability to show or discuss a variety of products to fit different needs and functionality.”

~ Mike Murphy, General Manager, Performing Arts, Wenger | J.R. Clancy

Full Collaborations Ahead!
We thank everyone who stopped by our booth at USITT. We always enjoy seeing you and talking about collaborations. As Damon Atwood, a Wenger performing arts specialist, said, after returning from the show:

“It’s a great time to be part of the performing arts industry. Wenger and J.R. Clancy have so many offerings to help theatre designers make their client dreams a reality. It’s a lot of fun.”

Please contact us if you have any questions or a specific performing arts project in mind. Using creativity in engineering, we can help with nearly every aspect of elevating your performances to their very best.

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