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Take the Guesswork Out of Project Planning with These Tools Specifically for Architects and Consultants

When it comes to transforming performance spaces, Wenger Corporation wants to help architects and consultants create seamless designs that exceed their expectations in the real world. To streamline and simplify this process, Wenger created tools specifically with these experts in mind and made them available on their 4 Design Professionals web page. This comprehensive list of resources features AIA Course Offerings, ARCAT specifications, planning guides, and much more for all Wenger brands.

AIA Course Offerings

The American Institute of Architects brings the best learning opportunities in the industry to architects and design consultants worldwide through more than 300 instructors from key firms. Wenger is a proud AIA-approved education provider, and offers several performance-oriented design courses including:

  • Design Considerations for Secondary School Music Facilities
  • Designing Performance Spaces with Safety in Mind
  • Planning for Acoustics in Performance Spaces

For more information, or to schedule a Wenger AIA presentation or Lunch and Learn session, please click here.

ARCAT Specifications

As the leading online resource for free building product information to help the design and planning process, ARCAT features comprehensive Wenger Corporation product listings, including:

  • Specifications
  • ARCAT SpecWizard®
  • Product Catalog details
  • Videos highlighting the product, installation, and features
  • CAD symbols
  • BIM objects/families/system files

All ARCAT specifications are full CSI 3-part and Canadian CSC architectural specs. This information is simple for design professionals to download and customize for residential or commercial projects. They can also be included in master specs for future use. To create visual concepts through photorealistic renderings, ARCAT also provides CAD and BIM information for 2D and 3D model-based designing.

Wenger product information through ARCAT is available for free without site registration.

Planning Guides

Wenger understands that every situation and performance space is unique, so they created extensive planning guides to help get architects and consultants started. To streamline and simplify the design process, Wenger planning guides provide a starting point for the most common questions and problems design professionals may face in each of their projects.

To create these comprehensive guides, Wenger consolidated the information and expertise they’ve obtained throughout their seven decades of experience studying music education, rehearsal, and performance spaces. They also spoke with leading experts in the acoustics, storage, and equipment industries to gather even more information to help design professionals address the unique needs and concerns musicians and educators face on a daily basis.

Wenger’s performance planning guides cover topics, such as:

  • A Planning Guide for Performance Spaces
  • Rigging Guide for Performance Spaces
  • Explaining the Fundamental Acoustical Concepts that Affect Music Areas
  • Acoustic Problems and Solutions for Rehearsal and Practice Spaces
  • An Acoustics Primer for Music Spaces
  • Planning Guide for Secondary School Music Facilities

To take the guesswork out of project planning, visit 4 Design Professionals to learn more about all of Wenger’s tools for architects and consultants.

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