Acoustical Ceiling Clouds


The experts at Wenger can improve any room’s acoustics and noise levels with our acoustical ceiling clouds.  Designed to offer functionality, value and attractive aesthetics, and when used as part of an overall acoustical treatment plan, Wenger’s acoustical ceiling clouds can drastically diminish noisy room environments and excessive reverberations.

The Wenger Advantage

  • Attractive, flexible and cost-effective ceiling treatments
  • Available in standard and customized shapes and sizes
  • Superior design directs sound energy to the audience
  • Space above the clouds is maintained so it can be included when determining room volume for acoustical planning
  • Combine various-sized panels for additional sound reflection
  • Durable, reinforced steel and aluminum frames
  • Custom-designed panels are also available to meet your design needs
  • Our extensive product knowledge and experience


  • Finish options include:
    • Low Pressure Laminate with black painted aluminum panel edges
    • Hardwood Veneer stained and finished to match space requirements
    • Painted Panels – Finished painted panel ready for a show
  • Typical cloud panel size – 4’ x 8’ (1219 x 2438 mm); Custom panels may be available upon request
  • Typical cloud panel weighs approximately 2.5 lb /ft2 (1.13 kg/m2). Panel weights do not include suspension hardware.
  • Custom acoustically transparent cloth-covered panels are available for the speaker cluster area if required.