Inflatable Acoustic Shell


This impressive acoustic shell is easy to set up and inflates in less than ten minutes with its quiet, 3-speed air blower. Its tough vinyl shell has been tested and proven to project more high-frequency sound to an audience. Three sizes and over 20 exterior colors to choose from. Fits in a single carrying bag that’s only 5′ (1524 mm) in diameter.


Delivers impressive sound in any outdoor setting.


  • Meets or exceeds all international ISO standards
  • All air blower components comply with UL and CSA standards
  • Inflates in less than 10 minutes
  • Acoustically tested to improve sound projection – 1 to 3 dB increase in reflected sound energy
  • Air-release pockets unzip to speed deflation
  • The Inflatable Acoustic Shell is available in over 20 exterior color choices and 3 interior color choices to match any customer’s need at no additional charge
  • Convenient carrying bag that measures 5′ (1.5 m) in diameter holds shell and all tie-down straps
  • Available in three sizes (external dimensions):
    • 53’w x 26’d x 26’h (16 x 8 x 8 m), 335 lb (152 kg) -shipped 790 lb (358 kg)
    • 43’w x 21’d x 21’h (13 x 6 x 6 m), 280 lb (127 kg) -shipped 595 lb (270 kg)
    • 26’w x 13’d x 13’h (8 x 4 x 4 m), 135 lb (61 kg) -shipped 365 lb (166 kg)
  • Shipped weight includes all components
  • All dimensions are approximate when the shell is inflated because of the variability in setup
  • All models include a 1 HP, 3000 CFM, 115 volt, 3-speed air blower. Also available in 220 volt, 50 Hz
  • Shell is composed of polyester-coated nylon that is weather-resistant and 100% fire-retardant
  • Extra-long ground anchors secure shell and withstand winds up to 30 mph (48 km/hr) when anchored in accordance with the Owner’s Manual

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