Poor acoustic venues can spoil even your finest performances. But Travelmaster™ Acoustical Shells allow you to take a familiar acoustical environment with you wherever you go. Excellent sound reflection helps musicians hear better, so tone, timing, and balance can be perfect in any environment. As the name suggests, Travelmaster shells travel, set up easily and store in an extremely small space.

The Wenger Advantage

  • Lightweight, Easy to Use – Sets up and takes down easily. Lays flat for storage, or fits onto our compact storage cart.
  • Superior Diffusion – Diffuse shaped panels provide optimal cross communication within the ensemble, so everyone can hear each other.
  • Goes Anywhere – Folds down compactly to take with you down the hall or on tour.


Provide consistent acoustics on tour or performing at your own facility.


Three compact storage options:

  • Standing/nested with fillers on back side
  • Flat in a stack for vehicle transport
  • Wenger Move & Store Cart

Additional Information


  • Durable, lightweight panels provide large, acoustically reflective geometric surfaces
  • Legs designed to fold out for fast setup
  • Legs are detachable for compact hauling and storage
  • Base panels adjust from 9’4” to 12’2” (2845 to 3708 mm) heights
  • Filler panels attach to base panels — each is 9’6” x 37” (2896 x 940 mm)
  • Formed ABS panels in Oyster color
  • Clean, attractive painted steel framework

Travelmaster Acoustical Shell

Additional Videos

We perform in the gym, and without the Travelmaster shell our sound would go straight up into the ceiling. The shell does the job — it's very projective. The shell is usually not up when we rehearse in the gym so I've experienced the sound both ways.   Jason Faison
Choral Music Director, Cambridge Middle School, Cambridge, Minnesota

Ordering Information

L015     Travelmaster Shell Base Panel, 87 lb (39 kg)

L035     Travelmaster Shell Filler Panel, 20 lb (9 kg)

064A170     Travelmaster Move & Store Cart, 75 lb (34 kg)