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Performance Space Furnishings

  • Furnishings

    Our Chairs and Music Stands are designed to enhance performance. No matter the size or shape of the musician, there’s a Wenger chair for everyone. When it comes to music stands, you can trust the Wenger brand. They hold up to years of use and never wobble. And with a flexible, ergonomic, beautiful design, Wenger’s Conductor’s Equipment puts you in a position to lead.

  • Rehearsal Furniture

    Our fun, innovative rehearsal furniture allows you to transform your space to fit your needs. Wenger’s products are lightweight so you can easily flip or snap them into place. These fun, innovative products turn any space into an exciting setting in no time.

  • Storage Solutions

    Our storage solutions are durable and reliable. Mobile units make it easy to move throughout your facility with ease. Fixed units are integrated into your space flawlessly. No matter the size or shape, you’ll find the perfect solution. Whether it’s Wenger’s Rack N Roll® garment racks or high-quality GearBoss® shelving, we offer products that fit any performance facility.

  • Makeup Stations

    Wenger Portable and Fixed makeup stations offer convenience in any space.