FrontLoader® – Front Loading Arbor

Faster, Safer and More Convenient Loading


FrontLoader JR Clancy

The patented FrontLoader® Front-Loading Arbor has eliminated rods and spreader plates of the conventional rod arbor and therefore also eliminated the awkward bending or climbing into the arbor well to load bricks. The shelves of our arbor allow for neat, easy and safe stacking of bricks from the loading gallery. Gallery safety rails do not interfere with use of this arbor and so theatre loading galleries may comply with building codes.

• Front load bricks for faster, more convenient loading

• Loading bins and shelves eliminate spreader plates

• Compact design holds more weight in less space

• Individual gates close to hold bricks securely in the arbor

• Supports line sets 6″ or 8″ (152 or 203 mm) on center

• Pipe weight can be stacked on any shelf 

FrontLoader JR Clancy Diagram