Performer® Hoist

Maximizing safety while flying performers. Built for demanding applications and performances.

The Performer® Hoist is built for portability, to be moved at the discretion of the director. Its servo motor drive delivers high dynamic capabilities in a small package. The limit switches can be set without the use of tools, making the Performer setup seamless and efficient. The durable construction and finish can handle the demands of life on the road and will withstand the test of time.

The J.R. Clancy Advantage

  • Combined Performance—The Performer hoists and the SceneControl® 5500 or 5600 can be combined to offer state-of-the-art performer flying capabilities.
  • Reliability—Redundant processing, multi-level security, and an optional SIL3 emergency stop provide operators and aerial performers with peace of mind.
  • Built for Safety—Dynamic load measurement detects any overload or underload and rapidly and safely stops motion.
  • Responsive—Crossed groove detectors sense the operating conditions, allowing the controller to respond quickly.

Additional Features & Specifications

  • 600 lb. (272 kg) dynamic working load
  • Speed to 480 ft/min (0–2.4 m/s)
  • 100 ft. (30.5 m) drum capacity
  • ¼-inch (6.3 mm) rope diameter
  • Moving drum design for constant fleet angle at sheaves
  • Dual rope terminations for closed loop operation
  • Integral servo drive cabinet
  • Cable pinch roller
  • Rope can reeve from top or bottom of hoist

Ordering Information

Number Description
018-1855A Performer Aerial Hoist 600 lb (272 kg)*, 480 fpm (2.4 m/s)
018-1855B Performer Aerial Hoist 330 lb (149.7 kg)*, 590 fpm (4.0 m/s)
*Capacity shown is characteristic load as defined in ANSI E1.43 – 2016 Performer Flying Systems.

Please call your Wenger | J.R. Clancy representative so we can thoroughly understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and estimate.