Any Event, Anyplace, Anytime.

The idea came from an american icon, the community band shell. We wired it for high-tech light and sound equipment, gave it a retractable stage, positionable roof and overhead canopy. Then we put it all on wheels so you could take it anywhere. It’s called the Showmobile, and who better to bring it to you than the people at Wenger Corporation — the originators of the first mobile performance center in 1959.

The feature-packed Showmobile is so versatile, so easy to transport, so fast to set up, you can use it to put on any event anywhere. And because of its mobility, Showmobile won’t permanently alter the natural beauty of your parks. Showmobile brings built-in excitement to concerts, political rallies, speeches, dances, parades, sporting events, fairs, graduations and festivals – big or small, any event will be a better event. With a great base price and flexible purchase plans, the Showmobile is well within reach.