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Orchestra Pit Fillers & Stage Extensions

Wenger’s innovative pit fillers & stage extensions designs extend any stage flawlessly. Our integrated systems are extremely quiet and strong as well as incredibly spacious underneath.

  • STRATA® Orchestra Pit Filler

    Custom-designed to fit the exact specifications of your orchestra pit, STRATA® Orchestra Pit Filler installs quickly and easily with a small crew. It provides incredibly strong support while it frees up an amazing amount of space below because of our innovative column-beam design. Our acoustically dampened decks fit snugly against your existing stage to create an integrated surface that is extremely quiet.

  • StageTek® Stage Extensions

    StageTek® lets you bring your audiences closer to the performance by extending the stage with platforms that match the shape and look of your existing stage. And, when you don’t need to extend your stage, StageTek stores compactly in minimal space.