Wenger Music Posture Chair design redefined what a music chair should be by providing the seated musician with the same strong, natural posture as if they were standing. Nota takes that concept to the next level, providing rear and forward seating positions that allow musicians to sit in the manner that best suits their style and instrument. Features a narrow convex back that provides lumbar support while still allowing freedom and range of movement, and a rounded waterfall front that provides better circulation and comfort for a wider range of body sizes. Nota popularity is growing fast because there’s no other chair like it and it’s built to work and look great for the long run.

The Wenger Advantage

  • Evolutionary Design – Wenger’s unmatched depth of knowledge of proper music practice and performance led to this patented design.
  • Healthier Musicians – Enhanced posture design encourages proper alignment in a variety of seated positions.
  • Facilitates Improved Performance – Proper alignment in multiple seating positions enables greater focus on technique.
  • Better Protection of Musical Instruments – The rounded and refined design is not just for a unique aesthetic, it also helps protect valuable instruments from scratches.
  • Options for Every Program and Environment – Available in a variety of colors, heights and finishes. A complete line of accessories are also available.


Chairs are for professional environments that require extended practice and performance sessions.


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Three Comfortable and Supportive Positions

  • Back

  • Front

  • Angled

Nota’s specialty contoured seat and waterfall front allow musicians multiple supportive positions: back, forward and angled to accommodate all instruments and playing styles. Musicians can choose the position that best suits their style without discomfort or slouching.

Narrow Convex Back

  • Nota’s narrow convex back provides greater freedom of movement that’s necessary for the awkward postural requirements of some instruments.


  • Narrow convex back provides lumbar support while still allowing for freedom and range of movement
  • Rounded waterfall front accommodates a wider range of body sizes
  • Standard consists of wear-resistant polypropylene seat and back promote even weight distribution, greater comfort and a lasting appearance
  • Powder-coat paint finish for maximum durability. Chrome also available.
  • Durable, specially designed floor glides provide stability when seated and ease of movement when arranging chairs
  • Specially designed stacking bumpers provide maximum stability and protection when chairs are stacked
  • 14-gauge steel frame for extreme durability

Sizing Chart

Due to the variation in body shapes and sizes, Wenger recommends purchasing a mix of different height chairs in order to accommodate all of your performers. Please contact your Wenger representative for further information on chair heights and recommendations.

Nota Chair Height Recommendations
Grade Age 10% 80% 10%
2 8 14.5 14.5 16
3 9 14.5 14.5 16
4 10 14.5 16 17.5
5 11 14.5 16 17.5
6 12 16 17.5 19
7 13 16 17.5 19
8 14 16 17.5 19
9 15 16 17.5 19
10 16 17.5 19 20.5
11 17 17.5 19 20.5
12 18 17.5 19 20.5

*All heights are inches.
* Source: Developed by the National Center for Health Statistics in collaboration with the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (2000).

I find the Nota chairs very comfortable — I really like them. As a singer, I prefer to sit on the front of the chair, but sitting against the back is also very comfortable. I think bands appreciate them even more than choirs, with flute players and other musicians who prefer to have their elbows free.   Travis Erickson
Choral Director & Music Coordinator, DeKalb High School, DeKalb, Illinois

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Ordering Information

When ordering Nota Chairs, please specify the following:
Size: 14-1/2″ (368 mm), 16″ (406 mm), 17-1/2″ (445 mm), 19″ (483 mm), or 20-1/2″ (521 mm) seat-to-floor frame height.

Frame finish: Black or Chrome.

Seat/back: Choose from colors shown. Samples are available upon request.