Custom hoists are available in almost any speed and capacity to meet your specific requirements. Tell us about your requirements and we’ll work with you to develop the hoist you need.

Here are a few of the types of custom hoist’s we’ve built for clients:

  • A gantry crane in Bass Hall (Houston, TX) to move a 100,000 lb folding acoustic ceiling for rapid changeovers from theatrical use to concert hall mode.
  • Hoists to move the 50-ton proscenium “eyebrow” in the Oklahoma Civic Center Music Hall.
  • In Miami’s Carnival Center’s concert hall custom hoists move the massive (130,000 lb), three-part acoustic canopy to alter sound reflection within the hall.
  • Banner hoists, to raise and lower acoustic banners in the Omaha Performing Arts Center, Washington DC’s Shakespeare Theatre, the San Francisco Conservatory, and many others.
  • The Seattle Opera uses a 600 ft/minute curtain hoist to ensure the main curtain can clear the proscenium in 6 seconds.
  • The Strathmore Concert Hall has 43 custom hoists to move acoustic panels which may be raised, lowered, and tilted side to side and front to back to create a completely configurable acoustic shell.

Additional Custom Hoists

Drum Hoists: Drum hoists are the simplest and most widely used motorized hoists. They are usually a deal haul type of hoist, where the entire load is supported by the hoist, without the use of counterweights.

Pile-Up Hoists: Pile-up or Yo-yo hoists allow the lift line to wrap on top of itself in a narrow slot. This type of hoist is normally used for low loads in applications such as banner hoists. They may also be used when there are space problems that preclude the use of drum type hoists.

Point Hoists: Point hoists offer the flexibility of rope spot lines with the speed and capacity of a motorized set. Point hoists provide a versatility that is not available from rows of parallel battens. Widely used in major opera houses and performing arts centers, point hoist systems are designed and built to meet specific user needs.

Ordering Information

Please call your Wenger | J.R. Clancy representative so we can thoroughly understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and estimate.

We are pleased to help you with your custom requirements. To get started, please contact your Wenger | J.R. Clancy representative and let us know what the hoist will be used for, and what you want it do.

Please provide as much of the following information that you can:

  • Capacity
  • Speed (fixed or variable speed, feet per minute)
  • Travel
  • Number and diameter of lift lines
  • Any special requirements
  • Hoists require 3 phase power at 208, 230, or 460 VAC. Please confirm voltage at time of ordering.

    (380 and 575 VAC and 50 Hz hoists are available for international projects)


  • Overspeed and load brakes
  • Dual drums
  • Slack line detector
  • Cross groove detector
  • Keeper rollers
  • Load cells
  • Position encoder
  • Additional limit switches