The Stephen Sondheim Theatre: Bringing Sustainable Design to Broadway

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Sustainability and theatre designWe know the importance of creating performance spaces that elevate performances, enhance the audience experience, and provide a safe and reliable environment for the staff and crew.  And, along with those attributes, we have noticed the design professionals we work with on a daily basis are continually designing and renovating performance spaces with sustainability top-of-mind.  The story of transforming the Henry Miller Theatre to the LEED Gold certified Stephen Sondheim Theatre was first published by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).  Read below for an overview of the article, and we encourage you to view the entire story on USGBC.

When the team operating Henry Miller’s Theatre in New York City decided to transform the 50,000-square-foot building into the Stephen Sondheim Theatre, they knew they wanted to make a statement. But, at the same time, they wanted to pay respect to the colorful past and design intention of its original creator, Henry Miller.

With help from COOKFOX Architects who led the renovation and oversaw the theatre’s LEED certification, the team turned a theatre that first opened its doors in 1918 into a modern and high-quality performing arts environment for their audiences, cast, and crew. And they did it all while making a powerful statement about sustainable design in performing arts.

Learn more about how the Stephen Sondheim Theatre became the first Broadway house to earn LEED Gold certification by reading the full article originally posted by USGBC: On Broadway: LEED makes the Sondheim Theatre healthier and more beautiful.

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