Wenger offers the seated or choral risers that fit your performing arts space needs. Our risers install quickly and easily. With safe and simple set-up, lightweight handling and strong quiet performance, these risers stay up to task year after year.

  • StageTek® Seated Risers

    Our StageTek seated riser system is lighter, stronger, easier to handle and faster to set up. Plus, it doesn’t reduce the cubic volume of your space like poured concrete risers, which is better for acoustics. Choose from hundreds of configurations including performance stages, show choir risers, theatre platforms and more.

  • Signature® Choral Risers

    Our Signature risers were designed to incorporate every meaningful advantage: classic black styling; safe, simple setup; lightweight handling; superb stability; strong, quiet performance; easy mobility; long-lasting service; an integrated backrail with safety crossbar; and a full 15-year warranty. From initial set up through final performance, no other riser performs like Signature.

  • Tourmaster™ Choral Risers

    Built with precision engineering and the best materials in the world, our Tourmaster choral risers will deliver reliable operation for a long, long time—and no other risers fold, roll, set up, or travel so smoothly. In fact, it’s easy to take it around tight corners, across the parking lot, into a bus or a van. No wonder it’s the #1 choral riser in the world.