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Counterweight Rigging Systems

Manual rigging is a practical, cost-effective solution for theatres of all sizes. J.R. Clancy counterweight rigging systems equipment is engineered for reliability and built to last, and can be combined with automated equipment to give theatres maximum flexibility. We offer manual rigging equipment to meet the needs of every theatre. Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or a new installation, we’ll help you and your consultant choose just the right system for your creative, technical and budgetary requirements.

  • Capstan Hoist

    Capstan Hoist

    Be at your most nimble with mobile capstan hoists, which easily pull out-of-balance counterweight arbors for efficient loading. Use the foot switch to free up your hands to manage the hauling line. Don’t make loading harder than it needs to be.

  • Arbors & Counterweights

    When lifting and moving heavy equipment, reliability is important. Our family of sturdy arbors and counterweights are sturdy, so you can balance the weight of the batten, scenery or lights without a worry.

  • Rope Locks

    Prevent rigging runaways with our rope locks. Clancy rope locks are designed to operate quietly so your performance can proceed without distraction. Choose our ductile iron lock with a 9” contoured handle or our load-sending SureLock® for new projects or as an upgrade to existing rigging systems.

  • Locking Rails

    Support your rope locks with tried-and-tested locking rails. Our locking rails can handle up to 500 pounds per foot without strain. Whether you require mounting from the stage, pit or gallery, start here to ensure security for any rigging system.

  • Guide Systems

    Our aluminum and traditional steel guide systems are easy to install and simple to reconfigure to meet unexpected site conditions. Strip lights illuminate the locking rail, fly and loading galleries with minimal light bleeding.

  • Blocks

    You can find J.R. Clancy blocks all over the world and for a good reason. Our blocks are engineered using the highest quality materials, and designed for seamless installation and years of use.