Rigging Components

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link; don’t compromise your staging investment with breakdowns caused by poorly made rigging accessories.

  • Chain Hoist Grid Stand

    Provides a secure attachment of any chain hoist, manual or electric, to the grid steel.

  • Battens and Truss Battens

    Made from seamless pipe and includes a matte black finish and safety yellow vinyl end caps.

  • Cable & Fittings

    Our galvanized utility cable is strong and flexible, and has an efficiency rating of 100% when used in tandem with our signature Nicopress® sleeves. J.R. Clancy’s forged cable clips are also galvanized and made in the United States.

  • Clamps

    Steel clamps allow for attaching chain or wire rope to beams around your performance space rigging. The cross grid connector joins pipe at right angles to form grids. Lock your wires, beams and chains in place for a secure connection.

  • Curtain Tracks

    Drawing the curtain has never been easier—steel channel traveler tracks can be manually operated or motorized for your convenience.

  • Electrical Accessories

    A wide range of electrical accessories help you manage your setup with ease. Cable pantographs and connector strips are an efficient means of maintaining control over power and data wiring for rigging sets.

  • Rigging Hardware

    J.R. Clancy sells a wide variety of high-quality rigging hardware made in the United States, including forged shackles and turnbuckles, floor plates for the termination of guide lines, and our popular and economical trim chains for lift line termination.

  • Rope & Pin Rails

    Chose from our family of three synthetic rope types for a strong hold: Multiline II™’s sturdy three-strand line, SureGrip®’s three-strand line with wear indiciation, or our Stage-Set X™ premium hand line. Our rope rigging equipment includes pin rails, belaying pins and sand bags.

  • Blocks


    You can find J.R. Clancy blocks all over the world and for a good reason. They’re designed for years of use and seamless installation—and they’re made from the highest quality materials.