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Make annual, professional and certified inspections of your theatre rigging a priority.

The importance of well-maintained rigging

Safety FirstAt J.R. Clancy we are committed to helping you create and maintain a safe, reliable venue. The well-being of your staff, students, and audience is our chief concern and the inspiration for our proprietary safety program, TIM® (Training, Inspection, and Maintenance). This ongoing effort is the best protection for your investment while also keeping you compliant with the latest ANSI standards. Our history at J.R. Clancy is rich with innovation, and we continue to lead the charge for safer performance specs through our TIM program and sponsorship of USITT’s rigging safety initiatives.

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Founded in 1918, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is dedicated to enhancing business competitiveness and quality of life by promoting and facilitating voluntary standards and safeguarding their integrity. ANSI E1.6-2-2012 Standard for Entertainment Technology: Power Hoist Systems states, “Systems shall be inspected annually, or on a more frequent schedule, as determined by a qualified person.”

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J.R. Clancyʼs commitment to you goes well beyond a superior quality equipment and installation. In fact, our proprietary ongoing safety program — TIM— is dedicated to keeping your new or existing facility at the forefront of theatre safety excellence. Here’s how:

Training Operating your theatrical equipment in the right manner promotes both human safety and product longevity. We are committed to helping you and your staff understand your rigging equipment, how your system functions, how to recognized a potential danger and keep your system in a safe, working order.

Inspection Our ETCP-Certified inspectors will identify equipment installations and backstage environments that may be unsafe. By finding potential problems early, they are able to help you minimize repair costs and perhaps avoid expensive damages or injuries. An annual inspection helps ensure safety and helps to reduce liability risks and should be standard procedure in any loss/accident prevention program.

Maintenance As part of our inspection process we generate a detailed report of any items that require ongoing inspection and maintenance. Our team will discuss the report with you and inform you of any equipment that needs to be continually watched or even taken out of service. We will provide an estimate for any possible expenses and our trained technicians can help you with simple repairs, replacement, complex trouble-shooting, renovations and upgrades.


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