Becoming the Best: Achieving ETCP Rigging Certification

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ETCP-logo_rec-bevel-tag1Would you like to earn recognition for your expertise in theatre or arena rigging—and become one of the first people to get the call when there’s a big rigging job coming up?

The Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP), administered by PLASA, provides a rigorous assessment for professional technicians in the performing arts. It provides certification in three areas: Rigger-Arena, Rigger-Theatre, and Entertainment Electrician.

J. R. Clancy was the first company to offer financial support for the ETCP rigging certification program when it was in its formation stage. We believe in the program’s goal: to create a more knowledgeable industry of highly skilled professionals, and a safer working environment for everyone backstage and onstage.

The rigging certification program is open to any experienced rigger aged 21 or older, who has completed at least 100 hours of professional work. (You’ll fill out an Employment History form for verification by ETCP.) ETCP uses a point system to determine if an applicant is eligible to take the certification exam; to become eligible, you need to accumulate 30 points.

Your work experience and education go toward your point total. Up to ten of your points can come from the college degrees you’ve earned, with degrees in entertainment technology fields racking up the most points. You’ll need to provide official college transcripts as part of your application.

There’s a $500 fee due with your application ($600 if you don’t belong to PLASA, AMPTP, CITT, IATSE, IAVM, InfoComm International, The Broadway League, TEA or USITT).

Once your application has been accepted, it’s time to prepare for the 150-question exam. ETCP provides a Candidate Handbook to give you an idea of the scope and breadth of information you need to know to pass the exam. The handbook includes sample exam questions and information about how to prepare.

You can take the exam on a computer at an AMP Assessment Center—there’s at least one in all fifty states and in the District of Columbia—or you can take the paper-and-pencil exam at USITT 2014 in Fort Worth, TX, on March 29. (If you want to take the exam at USITT, your application must be received by ETCP by March 3, 2014.)

Once you’re certified, J.R. Clancy invites its dealer partners to a training program, to assist certified riggers in acquiring ETCP renewal credits towards recertification. (You’ll need to accumulate 40 points every five years to maintain your certification.) Rigging professionals who take courses offered by J. R. Clancy earn one renewal credit per hour of instruction.

For more information, visit ETCP.

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