What did LDI 2017 show-goers want to know?

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Top Questions and Reactions from Las Vegas

This year’s LDI show was another exciting, over-the-top extravaganza of lights, cameras and action.

For the Wenger | J.R. Clancy team, it was also a great opportunity to showcase our full breadth of acoustic and stage solutions for performing arts venues – from virtual acoustical treatments to trusted rigging products.

We sent our best in-house experts to meet with show-goers and leading trade media. Here’s a recap of what they wanted to know and had to say.

Most Asked Questions (with Answers)

Q: What new products do you have?

A: Three:

Virtuoso™ Active Acoustical Shell creates a virtual experience with an active system of microphones, speakers and digital signal processors (no hard shell) to transform on-stage acoustics. It enables musicians to hear themselves and others more clearly, leading to better performances.

Maestro® Acoustical Shell (a hard shell) has been redesigned to deliver cost-effective, full-stage acoustics for any performance space requiring an acoustical enhancement. It features mobile towers and rows of ceiling panels that nest together when not in use.

Transcend® Active Acoustic System is a whole-house solution for performance venues. It gives facility managers the ability to digitally simulate different acoustic environments with the simple push of a button (no hard shell). The technology offers reliable, natural-sounding acoustics at a lower cost than other systems on the market.

Q: What is the difference between Virtuoso and Transcend?

A: To clarify, Virtuoso and Transcend are electronic systems that use digital signal processing technology to enhance the acoustics. Virtuoso does so for musicians on stage, whereas Transcend is a whole-auditorium solution to elevate acoustics for both musicians and the audience.

Q: What is the difference between Maestro and Diva [acoustical shells]?

A: Primarily cost and customization options. The Maestro Full-Stage Acoustical Shell is an affordable, easy-set-up option for impressive full-stage acoustics. The Diva® Full-Stage Acoustical Shell is an elegant, “centerpiece” shell that offers substantial options to customize finishes and veneers.

Q: What were your most-asked questions at LDI?

A: First, we had many inquiries about acoustical shells, including interest in Virtuoso and active acoustics. Second, we heard questions about StageTekÔ, our portable stage and riser system that’s strong, versatile and easy to set up. Third, we had many specific questions about our motion control systems and rigging solutions. [NOTE: During LDI we provided live demonstrations of our J.R. Clancy SceneControl® 5600 and 5200 motion control systems.]

Reactions and Ravings

The majority of visitors expressed specific interest in a project they were working on or considering. Here are some other comments we captured:

Virtuoso:  “It’s a good solution for when a traditional shell would not work.” ~ Theatre Consultant

SceneControl:  “I really like the improved user interface features [on the stage-rigging control systems].” ~ Theatre Consultant

Maestro Shell:  “I love it!” ~ Theatre Consultant

“Performing arts editors certainly appreciated the difference between needing a rehearsal space (VAE® Rehearsal) with multiple venue options, the nuances of hearing the other musicians on stage (Virtuoso) and having a whole-house solution (Transcend.)” ~ Erin Mathe, Wenger Public Relations

“Editors liked hearing how acoustical needs in the balcony are different from under the balcony. With Transcend, the room acoustics are balanced, no matter where you’re sitting.” ~ Matt Hildebrand, Wenger Acoustics Product Manager

“Everyone I spoke with has high regard for Wenger and J.R. Clancy, and they would like us to take on a larger role in the industry.” ~ Damon Atwood, Wenger Performing Arts Specialist

Here to Help

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our LDI booth #1637. It was great to reconnect and make new friends. Please contact us if you have any questions or a performing arts project in mind. If you were unable to attend the show, please see the Live Design Briefing Room for a highlight of Wenger and J.R. Clancy at LDI 2017.

Using creativity in engineering, we can help with nearly every aspect of elevating your performances to their very best!

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