Short on Space? Solution: The New Virtuoso Virtual Acoustical Shell.

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For musicians and singers on stage, the right acoustical shell can bring out the best in every performer. They don’t just hear their fellow musicians. They listen to every nuance and adjust in real time, creating a better performance.

But creating dynamic, clear acoustics on stage with a traditional shell requires physical space, labor and time. Wenger Corporation now offers an acoustic solution to venues that are short on all three: the new Virtuoso Acoustical Shell. This “shell without a shell” is the newest virtual acoustic innovation from Wenger.

Here’s how Virtuoso can benefit your performers and performances.

About Virtuoso Acoustical Shell

Wenger has partnered with HARMAN and Lexicon to incorporate the most advanced, digital technology into the Virtuoso.

It uses microphones, speakers and powerful digital processors, making it ideal for nontypical spaces and facilities that can’t accommodate traditional shells, such as Wenger’s economical Maestro® Acoustical Shell or the centerpiece Diva® Full-Stage Acoustical Shell.

Ron Freiheit, Wenger’s director of acoustics, explained that Virtuoso is meant to elevate the audience’s experience by first creating a supportive acoustical environment for the performers.

“Virtuoso dramatically improves the on-stage environment for performers. They can listen to themselves and each other, rather than their sound getting lost backstage or in the overhead fly loft,” Freiheit described. “It’s an essential tool in helping performers make real-time adjustments.”

Virtuoso is compatible with Wenger’s Transcend® Active Acoustic System. It’s a combo that notably improves acoustics in tricky venues, like spaces that must accommodate spoken word, music and theatrical performances.

5 Reasons to Choose Virtuoso

  1. SPACE LIMITATIONS. A traditional shell won’t work in your space, because there’s no storage on or near the stage, or there’s no fly loft overhead. Also, you don’t want to inhibit scenery or backdrops.

Virtuoso has a much smaller footprint than a traditional shell. Virtuoso uses electronic components that are customized to your performance space’s size, architectural characteristics and performance needs.

  1. STRUCTURAL LIMITATIONS. A traditional shell won’t work due to ceiling height or product weight.


  1. REGULATORY ISSUES. A traditional shell will interfere with sprinklers or other life-safety elements.

Virtuoso uses high-tech components, including professional-quality microphones and speakers, which are strategically located within your performance space. There are numerous installation options.

Ceiling speaker installation:

  • Fly system – speakers and microphones are integrated into existing line sets
  • Dead hung – speakers are hung on battens

Lateral (side) speaker installation:

  • Fly system – speakers and microphones are integrated into existing line sets
  • Wall-mounted speakers
  • Movable speaker stands
  1. STAFF RESTRICTIONS. There isn’t staff or time available to set-up/tear-down and store a traditional shell.

Virtuoso has instant “on” and “off” capability, saving you the time and labor associated with moving physical acoustical shells onto and off of your stage. Also, initial installation by Wenger is fast and non-intrusive.

  1. INNOVATION. Your facility owner or management is ready for new, innovative technology within your performance space.

Virtuoso offers a streamlined, state-of-the-art way to provide clear on-stage acoustics.

Leverage Wenger’s Full Breadth of Solutions

Wenger is an industry leader in both traditional and virtual acoustic solutions. Our in-house acoustic experts will help you determine the best fit – whether traditional acoustics, virtual acoustics, or a combination of both – for your space. Also ask about theatrical rigging systems, seating, staging and more.

We’re here to help our customers provide the best performances possible, no matter your venue’s shape, size or budget.

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