Two Rigging Standards Available for Public Review

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Rigging Standards: Fire Safety Curtain SystemsAre you familiar with the current standards for the installation and safe operation of fire safety curtains?

For that matter, are you aware that there are documented standards for fire curtains—and for many other kinds of stage equipment?

PLASA, the international trade association for entertainment technology professionals, brings together the top minds in the industry to develop standards for theatre equipment and procedures. Its Technical Standards Program—accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)—promotes safe working conditions at every level of production. You can find standards here for the use of controls, electrical power, fog and smoke, follow spot position, performance floors, photometrics, rigging and stage lifts.

Once a standard has been written by a workgroup, PLASA offers the draft for public review and comment before finalizing and publishing it. Right now, you can download, read and comment on these two standards:

BSR E1.22, Entertainment Technology — Fire Safety Curtain Systems, is a revision of the existing standard from 2009. It is being updated it to better align it with the requirements stated in NFPA 80, the National Fire Protection Association’s standard for fire doors and other “opening protectives.” The draft standard describes the materials, design, fabrication, installation, operation, testing, and maintenance of fire safety curtains and systems used for theatre proscenium opening protection.

Rigging Standards: Fire Safety Curtain SystemsBSR E1.39, Entertainment Technology — Selection and Use of Personal Fall Arrest Systems on Portable Structures Used in the Entertainment Industry, establishes minimum requirements for the selection and use of personal fall arrest systems on portable structures in the entertainment industry. The standard establishes minimum requirements for products and portable structures used in the service of personal fall arrest systems. Other methods of fall protection, such as safety nets and guardrails, are not within the scope of this standard.

The reviews run from now through November 4. Be sure to download the review instructions for each document, as well as the review form to suggest any changes you would like considered by the rigging workgroup.

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