Performing Arts Education Center at Agoura High School

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The Performing Arts Education Center at Agoura High School features mainstage seating for over 680, flexible black box space and multi-level lobbies for art displays.

“The Diva shell helps project a great sound with an outstanding blend throughout any ensemble that performs with it,” says Chad Bloom, M.Ed, Performing Arts Department Chair at Agoura High School in Agoura Hills, California. “Everything is amplified, enabling us to showcase our best talents. Our sound also projects better to the audience and they hear a more blended sound. The audience reaction has been incredible.”

Technical Director James Auld also appreciates the shell. “The way the Diva system works is fantastic – the functionality and mobility — everything works really well,” Auld notes. “It’s simple and easy to use myself or to train high school students on it — the doors, door locks, etc.”

He says shell setup takes between an hour and 90 minutes, depending on whether he’s alone or not. Auld doesn’t have a staff and believes two people is the ideal number to work with the shell. There are ten towers and two ceilings. During a recent semester, the shell was probably set up and taken down 15 times in 22 weeks.

“For acoustical shells, I’ve only used Wenger,” concludes Auld. “If I was going to buy an acoustical shell, I would start with Wenger.”

Along with the Wenger shell, the PAEC also features rigging from J.R. Clancy.



With a commitment to high-quality programming, we strive to provide an optimum learning and performance environment that demonstrates our belief in the importance of the performing arts as part of our daily lives. The arts are a vital component of life-long education that enables us to connect to one another in a global society, fosters collaboration and creative problem-solving, and inspires the development of new ideas to move the world forward.



To be a cultural hub for the arts, education and broad participation where the lives of students and the greater community are enriched; innovation and creativity are celebrated; cultural understanding is fostered; and where our students are prepared to be the leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs of the future.


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