• Chairs

    We’ve been designing and building music chairs since 1946—and there’s a reason we’re an industry leader. Nobody understands proper music posture like Wenger. Choose from a wide range of music chairs that will suit any need or instrument. Trust our comfort and support so you can focus on technique.

  • Music Stands

    If you want a better music stand, there’s no need to look any further. Every stand we offer is designed for durability and stability so you can focus on your performance. Feel confident in setting down an overstuffed portfolio of music. Choose from a variety of accessories that provide lighting, easier usage of technology and portability.

  • Conductor's Equipment

    Flexible, ergonomic and beautiful: Wenger conductor’s equipment puts you in a position to lead. Designed to fit in any performance space, our systems are the perfect setup from which to direct. Chair flexibility lets you decide your elevation and ideal position. Unique stands let you personalize your space in a professional manner.