Revolutionizing Music Rehearsals

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Wayzata_VAE_MG_0461Tourist in New York City, to passerby: “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?”
Passerby: “Practice, Practice, Practice!”

What if musicians could experience the sensation of practicing at Carnegie Hall without ever visiting New York City to perform there? Now it’s possible, with virtually simulated acoustics, one of two new acoustic innovations from Wenger that will revolutionize music rehearsals.

What makes an ideal rehearsal environment? Effective sound isolation is fundamental, to shield musicians from outside distractions. Supportive acoustics are another key factor – ensuring musicians hear themselves and each other. Musicians should also learn to adjust to different performance environments.

Wenger is changing the paradigm of what music rehearsal spaces can and should do. Musicians can now realize the benefits of rehearsing in multiple performance environments while within one, single space.

Wayzata_VAE_MG_0390VAE® Rehearsal System virtually stretches the boundaries of music rehearsal, enabling an entire rehearsal room to benefit from Wenger’s revolutionary Virtual Acoustic Environment (VAE®) technology. Musicians can practice where they are going to be performing – before they actually get there  – and experience a realistic acoustic simulation that enhances and accelerates music learning and skill development. A custom setting can even be programmed, such as a high school’s auditorium or another performance venue, so musicians can hear themselves and their ensemble respond to the acoustics of the performance venue before the concert. Eight other performance-space settings range from arena to cathedral to recital hall.

With the control panel, users can select the desired simulation and operate the digital record/playback functions. Advancements in digital technology have dramatically reduced costs, bringing this technology within reach of today’s schools and universities.

Tunable Acoustical Panels easily alter a space’s reverberation time to best suit different musical groups. By simply turning a handle, panels change between providing absorption or diffusion, making them an ideal solution for rehearsal rooms or small performance venues shared by instrumental and choral ensembles.

Wenger Tunable Acoust Panels2[1]

Excessive reverberation prevents musicians from hearing definition and detail, resulting in articulation and timing becoming muddy. In testing, panels provided up to 0.8 seconds of variation in reverberation, absorbing a broad frequency range from 125hz to 4000hz. The NRC values range from 0.75 (absorber) to 0.20 (diffuser). Independent test results are pending. Each panel measures 4’ x 4’, with numerous standard and custom fabrics available.

For more information about the VAE® Rehearsal System, click here.

For more information about the Tunable Acoustical Panels, click here.

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