Professional Live Audio Magazine Front of House Features Transcend System

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Wenger-Front-of-HouseFront of House, a leading publication for live audio professionals and manufacturers of audio equipment, showcased Wenger’s Transcend Active Acoustic System in its January 2016 issue. Transcend was the subject of veteran audio industry journalist Dan Daley’s monthly column “The Biz.”

Daley was present at the public unveiling of Transcend at Wartburg College in October, and conducted extensive interviews with Wenger’s Director of Design Engineering Ron Freiheit and Acoustics Product Manager Denny Meyer regarding the system’s HARMAN Lexicon-powered digital acoustic processing. Daley also interviewed Wartburg College’s Director of Choral Activities Dr. Lee Nelson, who spoke enthusiastically about the improvement Transcend has made to the acoustics of the college’s Neumann Auditorium.

In the article, Daley praises Transcend, writing, “Wenger’s Transcend may turn out to be an inflective product of the electro-acoustical product category, one that takes what had been a technically challenging and expensive technology and makes it affordable and approachable by a much larger customer base.”

The article, coupled with Transcend’s recent Best Audio Product Worship Facilities Expo Award, is further proof that the system is making a big impression in the acoustics industry – and has the potential to bring active acoustics technology to a whole new market.


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