3, 2, 1 – LAUNCH! Get Ready for Our Newest Products, Coming to You at LDI

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Heading to LDI this year? You won’t want to miss booth #2245! We’re thrilled to be showcasing what we’ve been up to in 2021 and will have never before seen live demonstrations.


The Vantis™ Pendant Controller

We did not come to the show empty-handed. This year we’re bringing you the new J.R. Clancy Vantis Pendant Controller.

Come and see how this innovative device lets you control the position and movement of scenery sets, draper and other overhead hoists while standing anywhere on the stage. It’s easy to use and offers real-time feedback, programmable targets, load configuration sensing and speed adjustment.

Stop by the booth for a live demonstration and see for yourself the intuitiveness of this controller.


Lighting Integration Solutions

LED technology has completed transformed the performance lighting experience. That’s why as a lighting integrator, we offer cutting-edge technology and products for complete solutions in performance, architectural, utility, life safety and emergency lighting and control. Our lighting technicians work closely with design teams to carefully select products that will network together seamlessly for ease of installation, operation and control.

See live demonstrations at booth #2245 showcasing products from our select partners and talk with our team to see how we can meet all of your lighting needs with cutting-edge LED products and advanced control networks.


And Much, Much More!

Stop by the booth to learn more about our new J.R. Clancy PowerLift® and PowerLite™ hoists, our updated Wenger Lieto™ LED Fixtures, Acoustical Solutions, Staging Solutions, Seating Solutions and last but certainly not least – stop by to be one of the first to see what we’re launching during LDI!

Learn more about our LDI Showcase at our Launch Page, and we look forward to seeing you at booth #2245!

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