A New, Improved Maestro has Arrived

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Gangdong Artcenter Maestro
Maestro delivers impressive acoustics at an affordable price  

Wenger is pleased to announce the launch of the new, improved Maestro® full-stage acoustical shell. The redesigned acoustical shell is available for order, with installations beginning in early 2018.

Over the course of the last year, Wenger used its vast acoustic expertise to reengineer the Maestro shell. The Maestro, previously offered under the SECOA name, underwent significant construction and design improvements, and now delivers impressive full-stage acoustics, improved shell durability, and convenient storage options at a budget-friendly price.

Heads up, High Schools

Mark Ingalls, a production manager with Wenger Performing Arts, said the new Maestro fulfills a notable unmet need.

“We redesigned the Maestro from top to bottom, so that high schools and other modest performance venues could acquire an exceptional, yet simple, solution,” Ingalls said. “It’s a lower cost option to complement our customizable Diva® Acoustical Shell.”

What’s New with Maestro?

A lot, according to Ingalls: “We’ve been making acoustical shells for 60 years, and Maestro is now as innovative, functional and durable as Wenger’s other offerings.” Maestro features mobile towers and rows of ceiling panels that form a full-stage acoustic enclosure when placed together on stage.

Here are some other highlights:

  • A separate wheeled mover easily lifts and moves the towers
  • Towers are easily reconfigured to accommodate groups of varying sizes
  • Setup takes only three people
  • Counterweighted wall towers ensure superior stability and safety

After the curtain falls, the individual towers nest together, saving precious back-stage space. The new Maestro finishes include a low-pressure laminate; a hardwood, stained veneer; and a painted panel finish ready for a show.

Don’t Forget The Diva

Of course, Wenger continues to offer all of its acoustical solutions, including the aforementioned Diva full-stage acoustical shell. Diva is a beautiful, custom-built shell for optimum on-stage sound and excellent sound projection into the audience.

Diva is a cornerstone of a remarkable and clear acoustic plan for your facility.

Not Sure What Your Venue Needs?

Ask us. For over 60 years, Wenger has offered innovative acoustic solutions. Wenger provides a full line of acoustical panels, shells, banners, SoundLok Sound-Isolating Practice Rooms, and Virtual Acoustic Systems.

Our in-house acoustic experts are ready to work with you to determine the best fit – whether traditional acoustics, virtual acoustics, or a combination of both – for your space.

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