In the Wings… and at Trivia Night

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In the Wings… and at Trivia Night

In the Wings… and at Trivia Night

Hello, theater aficionados. Today In The Wings is going to offer up some facts that may just help you stand-out during your next trivia challenge. Here’s to leading your team to free appetizers!

  1. The Oldest Theater: No, it’s not your high school auditorium. It’s the Theatre of Dionysus in Athens, Greece, built around 500 BCE. Talk about ancient drama….
  2. 007’s Broadway Debut: Before he was known as the suave James Bond, actor Daniel Craig made his Broadway debut in the play “A Steady Rain” in 2009, alongside his fellow British thespian Hugh Jackman.
  3. The Longest-Running Show: What show has stood the test of time and racked up an impressive number of performances? It’s none other than “The Phantom of the Opera,” where the cast just recently took their final Broadway bows after 13,981 performances.
  4. Shakespearean Expressions: Many expressions we use today were coined by the legendary playwright William Shakespeare. For instance, did you know that the phrases “break the ice” and “wild goose chase” were first penned by the Bard himself?
  5. Tony Awards History: The Tony Awards, honoring excellence in theater, have been around since 1947. However, in the first year, they were called the “Antoinette Perry Awards” after actress and director Antoinette Perry. The nickname “Tony” stuck and has been used ever since.
  6. Theater Ghosts: Ever heard of haunted theaters? Many legendary venues are rumored to have resident ghosts, including the New Amsterdam Theatre on Broadway. Supposedly, the ghost of Olive Thomas, a Ziegfeld Follies girl, still lingers there.
  7. Theatrical Superstitions: Theater is riddled with superstitions, and actors are known for being a superstitious bunch. One common superstition is to never say the name “Macbeth” inside a theater, as it is believed to bring bad luck. Instead, actors refer to it as “The Scottish Play.”
  8. Hamilton’s Rapid-Fire Lyrics: Lin-Manuel Miranda’s smash-hit musical “Hamilton” is known for its lightning-fast lyrics. Did you know that during the song “Guns and Ships,” the character of Lafayette spits out an impressive 19 words in just three seconds? I can’t even get through a tongue-twister.
  9. The Theater District’s Origins: New York City’s Theater District, also known as Broadway, earned its name from the original street that was a trading route for Native Americans. The road was later widened and became a bustling center for theaters in the late 19th century.
  10. Mamma Mia! ABBA Musical Magic: The hit musical “Mamma Mia!” is a jukebox extravaganza featuring the music of ABBA. To this day, it remains one of the longest-running shows (5,773) in Broadway history, captivating audiences with its infectious tunes and feel-good vibes.

How many of these did you already know? Comment below and let us know, or share some of your theater trivia facts below! 😊

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