Theater Makeup: Horror and Glamour

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Theater Makeup: Horror and Glamour

Theater Makeup:
Horror and Glamour

When it comes to horror, theater makeup takes center stage, becoming an essential tool in conjuring spine-chilling characters that make your blood run cold. Elaborate prosthetics, realistic wounds, and ghastly features are meticulously crafted to strike fear into the hearts of viewers.


Want to learn how to create your own horrifying looks? Check out these step-by-step tutorials for creating spooky makeup effects:


Zombie Transformation: Want to bring the undead to life? Learn how to create rotting flesh, decaying skin, and vacant, lifeless eyes. Follow this tutorial from the Walking Dead for a bone-chilling zombie transformation: Zombie Make-Up Tips

Sinister Wounds: Create realistic wounds that will make even the bravest cringe. From gory gashes to haunting scars, this tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to make your wounds look absolutely horrifying: Fake Wounds

Haunting Ghostly Appearance: Bring the ethereal presence of a ghost to life with an otherworldly pale complexion, sunken eyes, and an eerie glow. Follow this tutorial to master the art of creating a truly haunting ghostly look: Ghost Makeup Tutorial 

Now on the flip side, theater makeup also serves as a vehicle for glamour. From classic plays to dazzling musicals, the stage has witnessed countless moments of allure and sophistication. Bold and vibrant colors, shimmering highlights, and contour techniques helps actors and actresses transform into their characters.


So now let me make a plug for one of my favorite Wenger products: Wenger’s Backstage® Makeup Station.

These are lightweight (seriously, only 35 lbs.), portable, and come with a nice cover so it stays safe and dust free. You can easily move them around/onto different tables so you can have your own space and adjust in the moment. Classroom to green room in a snap…um, hello? Is this Broadway? The mirror is  large and allows you to get a great overall view, and yet you can (for better or worse) see all your pores….and adjust your makeup accordingly. But the absolute best part of this makeup station is that it completely mimics on-stage lighting. No shadows, no weird lighting angles—this mirror shows you what the audience will see, and it is SO helpful when doing your own makeup for a production.


If you or your school is in the market…check them out, so you can check yourself out 😉

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