Introducing Wenger’s Latest Design Innovation: The Award-Winning Lieto™ LED Fixture for Full-Stage Acoustical Shells

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LeitoLast week at LDI2018, Wenger Corporation introduced its newest full-stage acoustical shell innovation and won LDI’s Best Debuting Product in the Staging & Rigging category. The Lieto™ by Wenger is the first LED light fixture in the industry specifically designed for use in full-stage acoustical shells.

Wenger was excited to debut Lieto at LDI2018, North America’s largest tradeshow and conference for design and technology live events. This year, LDI was celebrating its 30th Anniversary with 14,000 attendees and 370 exhibitors from around the world.  As anonymous judges toured the exhibit, it was hard to select their Debuting Product Awards, but winners of the coveted award crystals were announced on the show floor on Sunday, October 21.

Best Debuting Products categories featured:

  • Sound
  • Widget
  • Special Effects
  • Staging and Rigging
  • Projection
  • Lighting

The Lieto LED Fixture represents Wenger and J.R. Clancy’s latest revolution in creative performance space design. The new fixture complements Wenger and J.R. Clancy’s broad array of performance products in the acoustical, rigging, lighting integration, and motion control categories.

“Our capabilities support the broadest array of product solutions in the industry with limitless options, integrated solutions, and unparalleled service and support,” says Chris Simpson, CEO of Wenger Corporation.

Lieto’s Award-Winning Design

Lieto is designed for use in full-stage acoustical shells. With a 12,000-lumen output, Lieto allows for fewer light fixtures in the acoustical shell ceiling while providing consistent, bright light for the performers on stage. The Lieto fixture is also silent, with no buzzing or detectable RFI, and brings comfort to the stage thanks to minimal heat output and no UV.

“Key features are the three-axis beam positioning and built-in knob which provide tool-free pan, tilt, and rotation for quick and easy adjusting,” says Mark Ingalls, Performing Arts Acoustical Shell Product Manager at Wenger. “Performers will have the best light for every performance, exactly where they want it.”

Lieto complements Wenger’s Diva® and Maestro® full-stage shells and is now available for order with these acoustical systems. For more information, please visit

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