Matt Hildebrand Becomes Wenger Corporation’s New Leader for Acoustics

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Wenger Corporation is pleased to extend our congratulations to Ron Freiheit on his recent retirement.

Ron has been an integral part of Wenger Corporation for the past three decades. Over his illustrious career, Ron has shared his broad industry expertise, his unwavering passion for acoustics, and his infectious compassion for people. Ron imparts a remarkable legacy of acoustical innovation and service.

Wenger Corporation has a strong history of involvement in and contributions to the acoustics community. To continue in that tradition, we are excited to announce that Matt Hildebrand will assume the leadership role for Acoustics within Wenger Corporation, serving as the main point of contact for the professional acoustic community moving forward.

Over the past 11 years, Matt has held various roles in acoustics at Wenger including Design Engineer, R&D Manager and Product Manager. Matt’s passion for acoustics and audio is rooted in his diverse musical background, his education and training, as well as his extensive industry experience. He is currently the President of the Upper Midwest Chapter of the Acoustical Society of America and an active member of Canadian Acoustical Association and Audio Engineering Society.

Matt has been involved in launching numerous impactful acoustical innovations. He looks forward to further engagement within the community and to growing the passionate acoustics culture both at Wenger Corporation and in his adopted home-state of Minnesota.

Learn more by contacting Matt Hildebrand directly by:


Phone: 507.774.8716

Or call 800.4WENGER or visit to learn more!


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