Wenger Corporation Brings New Fixed Seating Solution to the K-12 Audience

The new Cavea™ Fixed Audience Seating system.

Wenger Corporation has been proudly serving the Music Education and Performing Arts markets for over 75 years. During that time, we have risen to meet numerous challenges and brought the latest innovations to the industry year after year, with a commitment to exceptional quality, reliability and durability.

Now, we’re partnering with SERIES® Seating to bring you the new Cavea™ Fixed Audience Seating system – available for installation summer of 2023. SERIES is a U.S.-based company with a 40-year history as an industry leader in product innovation and design solutions.

“Teaming up with another iconic brand allows us to offer well-designed fixed seating products with superior manufacturing and comprehensive support with the Wenger level of quality and service that people have come to know and trust,” said Chris Simpson, CEO of Wenger Corporation.

Industry-leading durability and comfort at an attractive price point.

Cavea Fixed Audience Seating provides K-12 educational facilities and other gathering places with industry-leading durability and comfort at an attractive price point. The new system also makes it easier than ever to create a custom look and feel.

“This collaboration along with our mutual customer-centric approach to understanding the specific seating needs of the education market is what made this innovation possible,” said Mauricio Olarte, CEO and Founder of SERIES Seating. “Our decades of experience guided us in the design and durability of this product. It’s a great new solution for schools nationwide.”

This new seating solution was designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind. And choosing the optimal seating for K-12 auditoriums and other gathering places is now easier than ever before. Cavea comes with the option of mixing and matching plastic, wood and fabrics to create the perfect seating solution for your individual space. Choices also include a variety of seat widths, materials, fabrics, accents, aisle lighting and more.

Completely customizable solutions, including seat widths, materials, fabrics and more.

Wenger will work seamlessly with each project’s design team to assist with everything, including product selection, site visits, installation and support.

“The partnership with SERIES combines the complementary strengths of both companies, and we are excited to bring this innovative product to the K-12 industry,” said Andrew Forsberg, Director of New Product Development for Wenger Corporation.

Cavea will be available for installation beginning the summer of 2023. Learn more about Cavea Fixed Audience Seating here or contact your Wenger representative.



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